My MetaData Bot【EN】

MyMetaData( to aggregate and analyze GameFi data from different dimensions, to discover potential Alpha games.

一、What is My MetaData Bot?

My MetaData Bot, a GameFi Robot for Discord, has following features:
1. GameFi Daily News:Push GameFi news at 10 o'clock every morning
2. GameFi IDO Push: Push latest GameFi IDO information in real-time
3. GameFi Daily Trends: Push Trends data at 8 o'clock very morning, including 'GameFi 24h Active Users Top10' and 'GameFi 24h Increased Addresses Top10'
4. GameFi Data Queries: Include Active User, Volum(24H), Transactions, Token, Token Holders, and Token Price(24H)
The following style is just for reference:
  1. 1.
    GameFi Daily News
2. GameFi IDO Push
3. GameFi Daily Trends
4. GameFi Data Queries

二、How to access My MetaData bot?

  1. 1.
    Please contact our staff
2. We will add My MetaData Bot to your Discord